Couples Therapy


Improve Communication

Effective communication is the foundation of relational intimacy and a skill that must be cultivated and nurtured. In our couples work together, you and your partner will learn to communication with greater clarity, confidence, empathy, and respect. We will also focus attention on open-mindedness, the impact of nonverbal communication, and what it means to be an active (and effective) listener.

Resolve Conflict

Life can be stressful and conflict is sometimes unavoidable. Rather than allowing conflict to escalate to a point that is damaging to the relationship, we will work to shift the dynamic from confrontation to collaboration by learning and practicing tools that de-escalate tensions, consider alternative perspectives, and unite partners in working toward a positive resolution. With guidance and practice, you and your partner will learn to move beyond defensiveness, to problem-solve peacefully and, ultimately, to strengthen the relationship.

Strengthen Intimacy

Relational intimacy involves an emotional connection between partners; it is the feeling that the other person really knows you, sees you, and loves you all the same. Intimacy requires honesty and vulnerability, and it also requires time and attention. As many couples know all too well, intimacy can fade with time if left unattended. In couples therapy, we will consider the uniqueness of your partnership and create practices designed to bring you closer together, not just in the moment, but for a long and loving future.

Navigation Challenge & Change

Most of us are creatures of habit; we feel comfortable and secure in familiar, stable situations. When change or a challenging situation threatens the status quo, the fabric of our relationship is stretched and can feel overwhelming if we lack the skills and courage to face the emotional and practical components inherent in transition. Couples therapy offers a space in which you and your partner can clearly identify the issue(s), share feelings and needs relating to the present challenge, develop options, consider alternatives, and create a consensual solution.

What TYPE OF COUPLES do I work with?

I work with a variety of intimate partnerships, including married, non-married, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans couples. I work with polyamorous couples, as well as couples from various faiths and spiritual orientations.

What is MY ROLE as a couples therapist?

Regardless of the stage or state of a relationship, my work with couples is hands-on and directive. My role as a couples therapist involves providing support, insight, and guidance to benefit the partners, as well as the partnership.

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