What are the GOALS & BENEFITS of parenting support?

Regardless of your family composition, my work involves supporting you in making family life more peaceful and enjoyable for all members, and in raising healthy, happy, and developmentally independent children. Some examples of my parenting support work involve helping you with the following:

  • Develop self-awareness and intentionality in parenting
  • Improve parent-child communication
  • Create healthy boundaries and effective discipline methods
  • Navigate divorce, separation, and/or loss
  • Support your child at school, both academically and socially
  • Manage developmental changes in a positive and affirming manner
  • Understand and solve behavioral problems

What TYPES OF FAMILIES do I work with?

I embrace a wide and inclusive definition of what makes a family. Consequently, my parent coaching work includes all types of families, such as: married and unmarried partnerships; heterosexual, same-sex, and transgender parents; single parents; step parents; blended and extended families; biracial and multiracial families; and adoptive families.


When working with parents and caregivers, my style is very pragmatic, solution-focused, and innovative, for there are few one-size-fits-all solutions to the challenges of parenthood. Depending on your unique situation and needs, our work might remain strictly parenting support, or it may expand to include children and other important family members whose participation may prove invaluable in creating positive, lasting solutions.


My work with parents and families encompasses a wide variety of topics and situations. In addition to the more common, everyday parenting struggles, I also offer support to parents and caregivers of adopted children, children with behavioral problems and/or mental illness, and children who identify as genderfluid or transgender.

Want to KNOW MORE about parenting support?

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